Community Overview


Roadmap showing the main priorities and approach for OSA releases.


Getting Involved

Our vision for OSA is rather ambitious (we think it can cover many topics and be applicable for many industries) and we think it has the potential to grow significantly, but there's no way we can acheive it without you helping.

Read the blog

The OSA Core Team postings on topics of interest from the wider industry and periodic newsletters.

Discussion Forum

This is where you can help comment on the patterns and other artifacts under developments and help contribute. We've closed down the old bulletin boards we were using with OSA, and have migrated to Google Groups. You'll need to be patient while we set up the new groups and migrate any old content where it makes sense. We've set up the group to allow moderated postings.

Case Studies

Please find case studies here on the application of OSA to various industry challenges.

Contributed Articles

The contributed articles section in OSA is used to showcase and provide links to content that directly relates to Security Architecture topics, such as background material that can help you determine patterns to apply and assist with design activities.