The ICT Standard for Management

Relationship to OSA governance

ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) has grown into a critical success factor for most of today’s businesses. ICT services need to be planned, implemented and maintained professionally in order to keep delivering value to the business and at the end to the actual paying customers of the company. The ICT Standard for Management ( is a business-oriented and practical ICT Management framework for companies as well as public sector and non-profit organizations of all sizes. The is open source and developed in a community called the ICT Standard Forum. The ICT Standard consists of five streams covering comprehensively the operations of the entire ICT organization: 

ICT Standard Overview

OSA Relationship

ICT Standard for Management covers the governance areas described in the OSA landscape. The OSA; Policy, Strategy, Roles and Responsibilities, Risk Management, Legal and regulatory and Education and Awareness areas are mainly included in the ICT Standard’s Strategy and Governance stream. Meanwhile the Metrics and Performance area is mainly part of the Objectives, Measures and Follow-up in the Business Alignment stream in the ICT standard for Management framework.

According to the ICT Standard all ICT-related decision making that affects the achievements of the targets of the business areas must go through Business Alignment. Businesses assume that ICT has taken the proper measures to ensure the security of its data and services, and any risk in the security of ICT services is a risk for the business. It is essential that all security related decisions are looked upon from the business point of view and the best possible solution agreed upon (and documented). The OSA brings world class and proven methods and patterns to manage security related risks and guide decision making, all for the benefit of the business.

As both the and are developed with a community you can be assured that the methods have been proven and tested in real life situations and further developed by professionals globally.

Tommi Kanto
ICT Standard Forum