AU-02 Auditable Events

Control: The information system generates audit records for the following events: [Assignment: organization-defined auditable events].

Supplemental Guidance: The purpose of this control is to identify important events which need to be audited as significant and relevant to the security of the information system. The organization specifies which information system components carry out auditing activities. Auditing activity can affect information system performance. Therefore, the organization decides, based upon a risk assessment, which events require auditing on a continuous basis and which events require auditing in response to specific situations. Audit records can be generated at various levels of abstraction, including at the packet level as information traverses the network. Selecting the right level of abstraction for audit record generation is a critical aspect of an audit capability and can facilitate the identification of root causes to problems. Additionally, the security audit function is coordinated with the network health and status monitoring function to enhance the mutual support between the two functions by the selection of information to be recorded by each function. The checklists and configuration guides at provide recommended lists of auditable events. The organization defines auditable events that are adequate to support after- the-fact investigations of security incidents. NIST Special Publication 800-92 provides guidance on computer security log management.

Control Enhancements:

(1) The information system provides the capability to compile audit records from multiple components throughout the system into a systemwide (logical or physical), time-correlated audit trail.

(2) The information system provides the capability to manage the selection of events to be audited by individual components of the system.

(3) The organization periodically reviews and updates the list of organization-defined auditable events.

Baseline: LOW AU-2 MOD AU-2 (3) HIGH AU-2 (1) (2) (3)

Family: Audit And Accountability

Class: Technical

ISO 17799 mapping: 10.10.1

COBIT 4.1 mapping: AI2.3

PCI-DSS v2 mapping: 10.2